What is Sapphire?

You have just discovered what might be one of the most versatile virtual world engines ever created with Unity. For a virtual worlds game in development Sapphire shows huge potential with new features being added all the time. SapphireXR is a user-created-content system that makes creating interesting simulation and meeting spaces pretty easy and empowers content artists by connecting them directly to users through its marketplace. 18+ only

More info

SapphireXR is a user friendly social VR/virtual worlds platform that makes creating virtual reality content and simulations pretty easy. It currently runs on Windows and supports all of the VR controllers available thru SteamVR. SapphireXR is in an experimental alpha testing stage and is being developed by Freelight Labs.

Discord Server

Fast & Powerful

This networked 3D virtual worlds system provides realtime animation synced across all connected clients

Text & Voice

Each simulation is provided with text and voice communications channels to allow users to communicate in different ways

Fun Stuff

Animated meshes as vehicles, dynamic particle systems, media screens, sit points for animesh and dynamic objects, networked IK & more


Our game client is currently packaged for Windows, but is being designed to be easily portable to a handful of other operating systems

Friendly Editors

Built-in content editor panels allows users to easily create/upload their own content on the fly without the need to involve the unity editor


A powerful networked user-created scripting system built with CSCS+Photon that allows creators to make their content interactive in really cool ways


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to create content for this platform?

You can use the 3d modeling program of your choice (Maya, Blender, 3dsmax, etc) to createyour content for scene objects/avatars/vehicles etc.. animation and rigging is supported. Avatar skeleton, templates and examples are available in the wiki area. All content will need to be in FBX format using Y-UP mode.. avatars must use our skeleton and vehicle meshes just need to be animated in-place with the wheels moving in a forward motion for about 100-500 frames.

Will SapphireXR have restrictions on content types allowed?

Very few restrictions. Since our rule is that all users must be at least 18 years of age, content restrictions will be minimal but we must still comply with applicable laws in regard to copyrighted content (no selling of) and adult content must be of legal nature.

How many worlds can I create during alpha-testing phase?

Three per account

What are the system requirements to run this program?

About 300mb of diskspace once installed + space for cached objects. We recommend an i5/ryzen5+, 16gb of ram, 2gb+ gpu for desktop only and 8gb gpu for using with VR.

Is VR supported yet?

Yes. Any headset that is supported by SteamVR will work and has a mapping for Sapphire.

Does this engine support custom avatar emotes/animations that will retarget to any avatar?

Yep, there is a seperate content editor panel for uploading/previewing avatar animations. You can animate our skeleton manually or use generators such as mixamo. Please make sure to include the default skin or at least just have a skin in general for them to work properly--No skin, emote will not work.